Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Love is just a feeling?

The most boring topic in the as for me love is not just a feeling. Love is like a part of your body..u need to have it no matter what...some people who failed in love kept saying "that its enough la... all the pain,the heartbreaking, and i don't believe it anymore"...but for me...i do believe that, all those thing can be a good experience to you...that's how you growth..

Why you love her? One of the most popular question... owh...she is pretty, she is cute...people assumed that...correct me if I'm when I said i just love her i really mean not because she is pretty or what. I just love her and I want her to be part of till the day i is not finding same pieces of you BUT finding another pieces of you to complete the whole puzzle (correct me if my sentence is wrong..hehehe)

Btw...enjoy my blog...sorry for the broken english...i'll try to improve as conclusion....feeling is something that u cant see but u believe in that...and its not just a feeling...its more than that....
p/s:the photo is my photo...that couple is one of my best issue i'll tell about photography....which is one of my passion.....

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kimimycat said...

awesome! Love will find u! :)